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Motor Bike insurance

Two-wheeler insurance is a compulsory type of insurance in India. It falls under the category of general insurance products and helps to protect people against road accidents. Active two-wheeler insurance protects the vehicle owner against unforeseen events such as an accident or serious damage to the vehicle.

Policies and Benefits

The law obliges anyone who drives a two-wheeler to take out insurance that covers the owner of the vehicle against unforeseen events or accidents, or the vehicle against damage. The vehicle is protected against damage caused by natural disasters such as storms, floods, landslides, earthquakes, etc. Moreover, it also covers damages caused by theft, fire, accidents, riots and explosions.


Car insurance is generally categorized into "deed only" and "comprehensive" policies. The first covers death, bodily injury or any damage to the property of the third party, the second covers damage caused by external force in addition to damage caused by the third party. However, damage caused by external forces includes damage caused by fire, burglary, lightning, earthquake, cyclone, flood, terrorist attack, landslide, etc.


Typically, the new motor vehicle comes with an insurance policy, the cost of which is added to the price of the vehicle. However, the validity of each two-wheeler insurance is one year and must be renewed each year either with the same company or with a different company. Insurance can now also be purchased online, as offered by many companies such as Shriram General Insurance.

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